Conspiracy Theory: Denver International Airport

Ever since the Denver International Airport was completed in 1995, it has been at the centre of countless conspiracy theories, even being linked to possibly one of the most popular conspiracy theories – the New World Order. Before we get into the theories, first for some important background. The Denver International Airport replaced Stapleton International Airport, becoming the largest airport in the U.S. covering 35,000 acres, and being twice the size of the second biggest U.S. airport. However, the airport has been criticised as not being conveniently located, being situated 25 miles away from the city of Denver. Overall, the building of the airport cost an extravagant $4.8 billion, $2 billion over the budget, leading to speculation on how the original budget could be so underestimated, and what had cost so much that an additional $2 billion was needed to be spent. This is where the conspiracy theories come in.

As mentioned previously, one theory surrounding the Denver Airport ties in with the theory of the New World Order. During its development, five multi-story buildings were built, however towards the end of the project deemed ‘wrong’. Rather than being demolished, or perhaps used for another purpose, the five buildings were instead buried, to which one construction worker working on the project came forward to say that this was very unusual practice, and not something in his years of building he had seen before. Strangely, his testimony can no longer be found, suggesting that perhaps an organisation or an influential person ensured that the statement was not able to be found publicly as part of a cover up. The buildings now remain beneath the airport forming a series of tunnels, but with no member of the public ever venturing down there, many theorists now believe that there are in fact hidden underground bunkers. These underground bunkers are said to have been built to protect government officials, and other key members of the New World Order, if and when the world comes to an end. Other theorists argue that these bunkers are in fact there to be used as a future FEMA concentration camp. Other evidence for the airport being associated with the New World Order is the dedication stone. The stone is decorated with imagery that resembles that of a secret society, namely the Masons. The Freemasons are a real secret society,  with many powerful members that many believe are trying to gain control of the world and put in place a totalitarian government (or a New World Order). A masonic symbol showing a compass with the letter ‘G’ inside can be seen, with the words “New World Airport Comission” being credited for funding the building of the airport.

Other criticisms of the airport can be seen in the formation of the runways, as well as the unusual artwork displayed throughout the airport. An aerial image of the airport revealed that the formation of the runways resemble a swastika, to which a spokesperson for the airport quickly responded that it was simply a coincidence as the runways were designed to allow landing in all weathers, and then quickly added that workers at the airport said that it looked more like a pinwheel. However, if the runways had been designed this way to make the airport more efficient in all weathers, surely other airports around the world would have also taken on this design, and as it happens, this design is unique only to the Denver airport. As for the comment about other airport workers thinking that the runways reminded them of a pinwheel, this sounds more like an attempt to save face. Further links to the Nazi’s can be seen in some of the artwork throughout the airport. A mural depicting a Nazi soldier, attacking children and stabbing a dove can be seen, alongside a quote from a child who died in Auschwitz. The issue is not with the artwork itself, but rather people question why this art is being put on show in an airport, rather than in a War Museum or an art gallery.  Other works include images of the destruction of the environment, and depictions of violence, with an apocalyptic feel running throughout each piece of art. Why does this theme run throughout the airport?

The Denver airport will remain a mysterious location until members of the public can fully explore the chambers and tunnels that lie beneath it, and expose what is right now being hidden. So what do you think is happening at the Denver Airport?


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