The Strange Case of Bruno Borges

The case of Bruno Borges is probably one of the strangest missing persons cases’ of the 21st century. Bruno Borges, a 24 year old Brazilian and a student of psychology, disappeared from his family home on the 27th of March, 2017. Yet, this is far from the strangest part of this case, what Bruno left behind is much more chilling.  24 days before Bruno’s disappearance, he had been busy on what he told others was simply a ‘project’. He left his bedroom door locked at all times, and rarely left his room to eat. What his family and investigators would then discover in his bedroom is both bizarre and perplexing.

Bruno’s bedroom had been completely transformed. The room was void of Bruno’s usual bedroom furniture, and in its place a single statue, of none other than the infamous Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno, whose ahead of his time belief in extraterrestrial life led to him being burnt at the stake in the 16th century. His parents believe that Bruno bought the £2000 statue using the money they had lent him in the weeks previous. The floors and walls were covered in writing and satanic symbols, and on one wall a painting, showing Bruno standing alongside a grey alien. On a table lay 14 encrypted books all numbered with roman numerals, containing theories that explained the meaning of life and the secrets of the universe.  Friends of Bruno later came forward saying that believe that Bruno thought he were the reincarnation of Giordano Bruno, and that he had been brought back to reveal the secrets of the Universe.  Strangely enough, the resemblance between Bruno Borges and the philosopher Giordano Bruno is uncanny, and the fact that they both share the name Bruno is another strange addition to this case.


Once images of Bruno’s room became circulated online and gained a sleuth of media attention, a dressmaker came forward reporting that she had served Bruno in her shop only a few days before his disappearance. The woman claimed that Bruno had purchased three cloaks, and upon asking him if they were for church, his only response was “something like that”.   Bruno was also seen the day of his disappearance. Following lunch with his family, in which he seemed perfectly normal, Bruno can be seen on CCTV footage running alongside a road with nothing more than a backpack with him. Later he takes a taxi, where the driver takes him to a motel. Investigators found that behind the motel there was an area used by people for spiritual practices, and so it is believed that it was Bruno’s intention to spend some time there before moving on. On inspection of the area, all that could be found was the traces of a bonfire, and five plastic garden chairs placed in a circle – four white, and one red. There was no evidence to indicate that Bruno had ever been there, although it is widely believed that he did spend some time there on the first day of his disappearance. Since then Bruno has not been seen, and this brings us on to the theories.


Bruno’s interest in aliens far surpassed that of a normal alien fanatic – it comes across in his writings as though he truly knew the meaning of the Universe, and had even gained extraordinary intelligence about extraterrestrial life himself. This leads some people to believe that Bruno left home to find or join the aliens, or even that he had been abducted. Another popular alien theory is that Bruno, knowing too much and too willing to share what he knew with the rest of the world, was taken or threatened by the men in black, and perhaps he was trying to escape them by running away. Of course, another popular theory amongst more sceptical people is that Bruno was experiencing psychotic episodes, and these caused him to think delusional thoughts and act irrationally. However, his family argue against this strongly, stating that Bruno was highly intelligent, a born leader, and above all a kind-hearted young man. They also say that on the day of his disappearance he had appeared completely like his usual self. A more recent theory suggested by investigators, is that Bruno may have left home to gain media attention for the 14 books he had written, and that it was all an elaborate ploy to market his books. This also seems to make sense, but investigators will always try and pin the most rational and logical explanation to a case, so they were unlikely to come to the conclusion of aliens.

What do you think happened to Bruno Borges?


2 thoughts on “The Strange Case of Bruno Borges”

  1. im gonna have to go with the alien thing for sure. this is something i never heard of before but it’s definitely really interesting. great stuff 🙂 also, what do you think happened?


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