The Truth About Ouija Boards

It is likely that at some point in your life, you will be faced with a Ouija board. Whether it be at a sleepover, a Halloween party, or just out of curiosity, a lot of people consider the Ouija board as scary but harmless entertainment. The Ouija board was in fact patented in 1890, and intended to work as a ‘talking board’ building a bridge from our world to the spirit world. Those who have used a Ouija board simply for fun have reported strange and often frightening experiences, and as a result, even sceptics know that the Ouija board is not something to be taken lightly. Of course, not everyone has a negative experience with a Ouija board, I know people who have been able to connect with deceased loved ones, and had a very profound experience doing so, but there still seems to be a lot more horror stories than happy ones.

Mediums and spiritual researchers assure that it is not the board itself that is dangerous – so having one sitting in your attic is harmless. Rather the type of communication in which you are inviting someone from the spirit world back into the psychical realm poses the real danger. The spirits that normally communicate through the board are those who are trapped in the lower astral plane. These spirits have not been able to fully detach from the psychical world because of a tragic, potentially violent death that has left them with unfinished business on Earth. Understandably, these spirits pose more of a threat because they are often angry and filled with negative energy. There are numerous stories of a Ouija board being used and unintentionally summoning demons, who then torment the players, sometimes for the rest of their lives, with tragedy following them wherever they go. Some stories even detail how participants of the board would finish the Ouija session only to discover unexplained scratches and bruises on their skin. I know my own grandmother was badly shaken following her use of a Ouija Board in a deaf school she used to work in. Apparently, one night when the children were sleeping, my grandmother and several of her colleagues decided to use a Ouija board only to  summon a violent spirit who threw the planchette across the room. Needless to say, Ouija Boards are now banned from my house.

Whilst it seems sensible to stay away from Ouija Boards all together, curiosity does get the better of us, so here are some important guidelines to follow if you do choose to use one. Firstly, once everyone involved is sitting around the board, state clearly that you are surrounding yourself with positive, protective white light, and that negative entities are not allowed to enter the circle. Once communicating with a spirit, do not ask for any psychical signs. A lot of people will ask for the spirit to blow out a candle, knock on the table, or touch one of the participants, unknowingly giving the spirit permission to enter the psychical world and cause havoc. It is much safer to interact only through the board. Keep the conversation respectful and lighthearted- whilst it may seem funny at the time, you do not want to provoke an already potentially angry spirit. This last step is perhaps one of the most essential . When you feel as though the session has came to an end, you must remember to close the board, thus closing the bridge between our world and the spirit world. You can do so by stating allowed that the session is over, and moving the planchette to goodbye, which should feature on every Ouija Board.

I believe that it is best for those using a Ouija board to err on the side of precaution, and personally I would never use one in my own home. Let me know what you think – are Ouija boards real, or nothing more than a game surrounded by urban legends? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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