Sun Sign Astrology: Virgo

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac, with the sun visiting August 23rd and leaving September 22nd. Virgo is an Earth sign, alongside Capricorn and Taurus. As a result of its Earth influence, Virgo’s have a grounded and practical personality. They also tend to be very reserved and modest. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, the ancient God of communication.

Virgo’s are very analytical, and they constantly strive to solve and improve problems, but sometimes to a fault. A constant desire to problem solve can leave a Virgo feeling exhausted and under pressure – they will rarely put a task aside for another day. Of course this is also a positive trait, as their ability to not procrastinate and put off important tasks allows them to advance more quickly in their careers. Intelligence goes hand in hand with a Virgo’s analytical ability, and they will always make a decision that is both logical and well thought out – they never leap in to making a decision without having all the facts before them first, and there is an inner fear of failing. In terms of forming friendships and relationships, Virgo’s are shy and introverted, they may feel anxious in social settings, and find it hard to make conversation with strangers, however in a relationship, a Virgo is incredibly loyal and caring.

To others, a Virgo can sometimes appear cold and closed off, due to their shy nature. This may make others misjudge them, making it hard for them to form friendships and relationships with new people. They can also tend to be closed-minded to anything other than facts and statistics, and therefore are usually not very spiritual beings. A Virgo does not like to make decisions based on emotions, you may have heard the phrase thinking with your head and not your heart, and that is the perfect descriptor for a Virgo. However, it would do a Virgo good to look outside of the box, and explore new ideas further than their beliefs once in a while, as they sometimes limit their breadth of vision otherwise.

Famous Virgo’s include: Lance Armstrong, Agatha Christie, Confucius, Mother Teresa, Queen Elizabeth I, Michael Jackson, Charlie Sheen and Stephen King.



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