The Four “Clairs” of Psychic Ability

The four clairs refer to: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance – the four main psychic abilities. Usually, an individual will be dominant in only one or two of these psychic modalities, but you can amplify any of them over time with a lot of focus and dedication to the practice. I will write a post about how to ‘exercise’ each of these modalities in a future post, but for today it is important to know what each of the four clairs mean.

The clair most people will recognise is ‘clairvoyance’, meaning ‘clear seeing’. Someone with clairvoyant abilities will be able to receive and see visions, either in their minds eye or through their physical eyes. These visions may allow the clairvoyant to see into the past – an example being that some clairvoyants have actually assisted with murder cases to find the body or the perpetrator, and also into the future – where clairvoyants such a the psychic twins have been able to predict world events such as 9/11 and natural disasters. Some clairvoyants also claim to be able to see spirits of those who have passed and communicate with them. Clairvoyance is the hardest clair to develop, as it is often a skill that an individual is born with. It is believed that every child is clairvoyant early on in their life, but only a few will continue the skill into adulthood.

The second clair, is clairaudience, or ‘clear hearing’. Clairaudience allows a person to hear spirits, and this can be used to pass messages on from the dead to the living, or simply to gain information. People with clairaudience are able to distinguish between what is their own mental chatter, and what they are receiving from outside influences. Clairaudience can be developed easily compared to clairvoyance, and this can be achieved through quietening the mind and paying attention to any messages that come through, as well as automatic writing and channelling.

The next, clairsentience, describes ‘clear sensing/feeling’, and is the ability to take on the energy and emotions of the people and environment around you. A lot of people have this skill and are not aware of it, and it is otherwise known as intuition. Sometimes, we get a sudden, unexplained uncomfortable feeling somewhere, and this could be our clairsentience working. Someone with strong clairsentient abilities can receive information about the past of a place to understand what it is that is making them feel uncomfortable. They can also channel the energy of the spirits that reside there. A clairsentient may be very negatively effected by the bad energy they sense, and so protect themselves using crystals, pendants and surrounding themselves in white light.

Finally, claircognizance, also known as ‘clear knowing’ describes the psychic ability in which a person is aware of things without ever having been told or informed previously. Information becomes available when it is needed, as though from nowhere. A lot of the time the information cannot be used for the greater good, it simply informs us of what will definitively happen in the future e.g. a natural disaster, with little detail as to where, when etc. This is another psychic modality that is particularly tricky for a person to develop, and out of the four it is probably the least discussed because it is the harder to understand.

Psychic ability is not well understood are accepted, yet there are many people who claim to have these talents, and not all of them are in the public eye and making these claims for money or fame. Apparently, anyone is able to engage with and develop their psychic ability – do you have any of the four clairs?


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