Bigfoot – Myth or Reality?

Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch in some areas of the world), is believed to be a large, ape-like creature thought to inhabit forest and mountainous areas, particularly in the Pacific North West. Most people dismiss Bigfoot as nothing more than folklore, with any evidence presented considered hoax material, yet numerous people report sightings of this mysterious creature.

Many people who believe in Bigfoot can agree – a lot of sightings of Bigfoot are hoaxes, and many of these can be quickly discredited. Some images and footage of Bigfoot however, are very difficult to prove as fakes. A perfect example of this is the Patterson-Gimlin film, a short film that appears to capture a Bigfoot back in 1967. There have since been countless attempts to debunk the video. The film was taken at Klamath River. The two men spotted the figure crouching, and both men described how they experienced mild shock when they first sighted the creature. They described the creature as being between 6 and a half or 7 foot, hairy, and ape-like. They then followed the creature to capture the famous footage, with a gun in hand in case they needed to protect themselves.  Both men involved in capturing the footage both strongly asserted that the footage and the creature they saw was real. Gimlin even avoided discussing the event until 2005, 30 years on from the event, but eventually began making appearances at Bigfoot conferences. Due to this, I think it is evident that these two men were not just creating a hoax video for some sort of profit or media attention. The film has been analysed by numerous academics and researchers, with body language experts being unable to recreate the movements of the creature using human subjects – arguing that no human in a Bigfoot suit would be able to move like the creature.

Other sightings are much more likely to be discredited, but I do think it is interesting that Bigfoot sightings are usually only ever reported in the Pacific Northwest, West Virginia, and Kentucky.  Most scientists dismiss the idea that Bigfoot exists, although the sighting described above is the only sighting that has stumped many experts so far, so perhaps their is some truth behind it. Despite the lack of real evidence, the legend of Bigfoot continues to grow, so what do you think? Is it simply a combination of  folklore, hoaxes and wishful thinking, or does Bigfoot really exist?


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