Do You Have a Poltergeist In Your Home?

A poltergeist differs from your average ghost, as is better thought of as a ‘noisy’ spirit. It can however, be difficult to distinguish between ghost activity and poltergeist activity. So how do poltergeists make themselves known? Here are some key signs that you have a poltergeist on your hands.

  1. Objects move without any logical explanation. A door slams shut. Something is knocked over, or moves across a table without any reasonable explanation. There is no breeze, and the object moves in a strange way – more as though a person is behind its movement rather than a sudden gust of wind. I have had this experience myself – In my old home I found a bauble from my Christmas tree in the hallway, meaning that the bauble at the far end of my living room had rolled across the entire room in a right direction, before taking a sharp right out of the door, and rolling down my very long hall. I was spooked to say the least – it was impossible for the ball to have rolled and changed direction multiple times around corners to arrive in my hallway.
  2. Objects mysteriously disappear. No, your not going crazy, you put something down, turn your back, and then its gone, only to reappear where you originally left it later on.
  3. This is similar to objects moving without a rational explanation. You may notice things are not quite how you left them, although many times it is subtle, and makes you doubt yourself. Once again I have my own personal experience of this. In my old home we had all of our shoes on a shoe rack in our hall – about 15 pairs in total. We would always put the shoes toe first into the rack. After returning home after a late night out, the shoes were all facing the other way, as though placed in the rack heel first. None of us had accidentally put our shoes in the wrong way, or else only a couple of pairs would be turned- and we noticed it immediately as we walked in the house because it looked odd to how we usually had it.
  4. You hear strange noises. A lot of people put this down to the house ‘settling’, and yes it is normal for houses to creek and respond to temperature changes within the home. However, with a poltergeist the noises are much more unsettling, you could here unexplained footsteps, despite everyone being fast asleep in bed or in the home alone, scratching on the walls, and even more sinister, hear voices. If you start hearing disembodied voices, either through the radio, the television, or even just in the air, it could very well be a poltergeist trying to send you a clear message.
  5. Electrical disturbances. Poltergeists are known to love flickering lights on and off, turning off your appliances in the middle of your favourite television programme. Batteries seem to drain quickly, although just being charged up.
  6. Strange scents and odours with no apparent explanation. The smells are usually unpleasant, such as smoke and in a lot of cases sulphur, a scent associated strongly with the paranormal. If you experience these scents you may find that they are stronger in certain parts of your home, and this could indicate your homes’ residing poltergeist.
  7. Unexplained scratches and physical injuries. Do you suddenly spot an unexplained scratch, bruise or bite mark but have no idea of its origin? If this occurred as a one off, you could dismiss it as an accident, but if this happens to you frequently, it very well could be due to poltergeist activity. In serious cases some people even report being aware of the attack from an invisible source.

I don’t think every poltergeist has malicious intentions, rather they are trying to get our attention and let us know they are there. You may even find them helping you – I know someone who’s poltergeist used to fold their clothes for them! If it does seem to escalate and move towards violence, you may want to consider leaving the home if you can. Have you had a poltergeist experience? I’d love to hear about it!


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