Sun Sign Astrology: Cancer

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, with the Sun visiting June 21st and leaving July 22nd. Cancer is a water sign, alongside Scorpio and Pisces. As a result of its watery influence, Cancer signs are sensitive and intuitive. They are ruled by their emotions, rather than logic. Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon – explaining Cancer’s intuitive and emotional behaviour.

Cancerian’s are incredibly imaginative, exuding creativity – always full of new and exciting ideas. They are often spontaneous, relying on their intuition to make important decisions, rather than spending a lot of time planning and deliberating. To other’s Cancerian’s are loyal friends and lovers, and seek close relationships and meaningful bonds. Unlike many of us, Cancerian’s like to stay in touch with ex-lovers, ex-spouses, people they were friends with as children etc. – they grow their circle of friends, and are especially reluctant to let anyone slip through their fingers. They are nostalgic, and look back at their memories with others fondly. They are also incredibly faithful, and love the idea of a traditional marriage and home life, believing marriage is a life long commitment, and are very hurt when this ideology is challenged.

They are kind and sympathetic to those around them, but also very sensitive themselves, and this can be a problem, especially as being over-emotional leads them to take things to heart too often. Due to their turbulent emotions, many people may be shocked that Cancerian’s also have a moodier side to their personality. Also they have quite a pessimistic attitude – as soon as something goes wrong, they will abandon the entire project – they do not cope well with failure and setbacks. Because of their sensitivity, they are very guarded, and fear being hurt or rejected by others. They struggle to trust others as a result, but once you form a relationship, whether it be romantic or a friendship, they give unselfishly- it is important for them to show people they care.

Now for some famous Cancerian’s, my favourite being the late Princess Diana. I think she was a perfect example of a Cancerian – emotional, sympathetic & caring, devoted mother, but also with a moodier side to her at times. Other famous Cancerian’s include: Tom Hanks, Ernest Hemingway, Frida Kahlo, George Orwell, Prince William, Robin Williams, and Nelson Mandela.


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