Law of Attraction: Money

I have quoted in previous posts that if you can see it in your mind, you can see it in your life, or as W. Clement Stone articulates it better “whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve”. A lot of people have a negative relationship with money, money is a major stressor in most people’s lives, and we often worry that we do not have enough. Some even go as far as to say that money is the root of all evil. It is these very beliefs that make it difficult to acquire more money, and put you in financially difficult situations. As soon as you shed your negative views of money, you start to welcome it in abundance. To attract money, you have to stop focusing on the lack  – like attracts like, and lack attracts lack.

The book ‘The Secret’ talks about a number of techniques you can use to start focusing positively on money. One man would imagine that bills coming through his letterbox were in fact cheques, and on opening the bill would add an extra zero to the amount and pretend that he was receiving it. That way, he felt as though the money he was paying out was only small in significance to the amount he was ‘receiving’. Eventually he began to receive unexpected cheques in the mail, and although he still received bills – they were much less in comparison to the amount of money coming to him. Others, including Jim Carrey, write themselves a cheque for the amount of money they want, and look at it everyday, feeling as though it is already theirs – they are just waiting to cash it. The Secret website now has a feature where you can print off a  Law of Attraction blank cheque because this technique has proved so successful.  An important part of this technique is that you have to believe it – and this is the difficult part, but as soon as you get over that barrier, the money will flow to you. There is no need to worry about where this money will be manifested from – if you start thinking, “but it is impossible for me to receive that amount of money on my current income”, then you won’t receive it. There are many unsuspecting ways money can find its way to you, maybes you receive an inheritance, win the lottery, a new opportunity comes along with a substantial pay cheque. You have to be open to the numerous possibilities the Universe will present you with.

Giving is another powerful way of attracting more money to you. As soon as you start to give you are suggesting to the Universe – I have this money to give, and the Universe rewards you with more. If you say “I don’t have enough money to give”, then the Universe says, “your wish is my command”, and now you do not have enough money.  Giving should make you feel good, it should never feel like a sacrifice or be done begrudgingly, you need to emit thoughts of having plenty to give and being happy to do so. It sounds counter productive, giving away money in order to bring more into your life, but if you have faith and start to feel good about sharing money, you will be rewarded with more.

The key take away message in this post is to shift your feelings of negativity and lack towards money, and make it your intention to feel happy and grateful for the money you do have, and the money the Universe is going to give to you. Change your frequency to thoughts of wealth, and you will receive more.



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