Project MK Ultra – What was it, and could it be happening right now?

Project Mk-Ultra was the name given to an illegal CIA human research programme that carried out experiments on the American public covertly between the years of 1953-1973. In these experiments, human test subjects were used without their knowledge or consent, making the project illegal. The government believed that the experiments were justified as they were intended to identify drugs that could be used to make people stronger against biological and chemical warfare, as well as interrogation through torture, and prevent the leaking of confidential information. It is believed that the Cold War was the motivation for this project, with the U.S. government being fearful that both the Chinese and Russians were already using mind control techniques on their population, and therefore were better prepared for warfare than the U.S.

Although suspicions arose in the 1960’s, the programme was not officially brought to an end until 1973. Mk Ultra involved many illegal activities, including not obtaining informed consent from participants, manipulating people’s mental state, administering dangerous drugs and chemicals, hypnosis, sleep deprivation, and other forms of traumatic psychological abuse. Eventually, in 1975, the project was brought to the public’s attention by the Church committee of the U.S. congress, and an investigation to look into the CIA activities was set up. However, the CIA Director Richard Helms ordered for all MK Ultra files to be destroyed in 1973, making the investigation very difficult, and also explaining why today it is so hard to find information about MK Ultra. Only a small number of documents survived. In 1977, the Freedom of Information Act uncovered 20,000 documents relating to the project, of which were used in Senate led hearings that year. These documents gave insight into some of the efforts put in place during MK Ultra, including the administration of substances that render a person illogical and impulsive, substances that cause paralysis or wipe memories, materials that allow people to be hypnotised easily, and materials that cause mental confusion. People who also believed to have been unwilling participants in the project came forward and gave their testimonies, even though there is little evidence to prove that all of them were involved.

In more recent times, there has been a growing conspiracy theory that the public are being controlled through the use of ‘chem trails’, a chemical/biological agent deliberately released by aircraft for unknown purposes. People who believe this theory assert that a normal contrail left behind a plane will disappear quickly, whilst chem trails last much longer, and when they do eventually dissipate they shower unknown chemical substances onto the population. People wonder whether these chem trails are being used in psychological manipulation and control of the human population, very much similar to the intentions of MK Ultra. Many government agencies have stepped forward to dispel the theory as nothing more than anti-government paranoia, yet in 2011, 2.6% of the US, UK and Canada said they believed the conspiracy wholly, whereas 14% claimed to believe there was some truth behind it. Knowing that the government has done similar experiments before, I think this theory is very much viable – they can conduct illegal experiments on the population much more discreetly this way than the way they did so with MK Ultra.

We know that MK Ultra was a real project, so do you think that these types of experiments on the unknowing population still go on today?




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