Conspiracy Theory: Moon Landings

This theory claims that the Moon Landings were all hoaxes staged by NASA. This would mean that humankind has never walked on the Moon,  and that a pinnacle moment in our history is actually a fake. Polls taken in America, Britain and Russia have shown that 20% of Americans, 25% of Britons, and 28% of Russians believe that the manned Moon landings were in fact hoaxes – so here is an explanation as to why many people prescribe to this conspiracy theory.

The most common strand of this theory is that NASA and the U.S. government faked the 1969 Moon landing in order to beat Russia in the space race. Four decades on, many believe that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, within a secret filming location, acted out the Moon landing to be broadcast as the first men to walk on the Moon. So where is the undeniable proof? Perhaps not undeniable, but film of Buzz Aldrin waving the American flag is thought to be some of the most incriminating evidence conspiracy theorists have. Critics argue that it is impossible that the video of Aldrin was actually filmed in space, as the movement of the flag rippling as though in a breeze is scientifically not possible. The Moon and space are a vacuum – there is no wind. NASA immediately responded to the criticism and said that Aldrin had experienced difficultly putting the flag pole into the soil, which caused the flag to move – however the flag certainly would not have been moving the way it was if that was the case. Photographs and videos out their of the Moon landing are only available through NASA however, and these can obviously be altered and manipulated in a way that would hide the alleged truth, but this could also work in favour of the theory – perhaps NASA has something to hide.

Other issues people have with the Moon Landing is that this was 1969. Yes, we can send robots out there and have them returned safely, but was there really the technology to put men on the Moon back in the 1960s? Even if there was, Marcus Allen, the British publisher of Nexus, argues that the radiation levels in space are deadly – no human could survive the journey to the Moon. Also notable, none of the images taken of the Moon landings show any sign of stars, and the Apollo 11 astronauts confirm this, confessing that they do not remember seeing any stars. The alternative view of this is that the landings took place during the lunar daytime, and as a result the stars were not visible because the sun outshone them. This means that the astronauts would not have been able to detect stars with the naked eye.

Other criticisms include that the shadows are inconsistent with how normal shadows should behave, and this suggests that artificial lighting like that found in a studio was being used. I have also seen videos that when zoomed in, look as though strings are being used to make it appear as though the astronauts were walking in low gravitational force. People also question how the Lunar modules were able to land on the surface of the moon without creating any blast craters, or scattering dust. Now, the Lunar Modules weighed around 17 tonnes, making no mark on the surface of the Moon, yet the astronauts appear to have left footprints. How can a man leave indentations on the surface but a 17 tonne lunar module can’t? These are just several of the proposed evidence for the Moon landings being fake, just scratching the surface, but if you find it interesting there is an abundance of evidence online.

This conspiracy theory is fascinating, and one I struggle to decide what side I am on. I would love to think that the Moon landings were real, and if they were I feel terrible that the amazing achievements of all the Astronauts that made the journey to the Moon are being discredited. However there is a lot of reasonable arguments to why the Moon landings were fake, and it is certainly not one of the most far fetched conspiracy theories. What do you think?




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