How to Use The Law of Attraction

Everything in your life is created by you. The Universe pays attention to everything you think, feel, and act, and responds to you by making sure that everything you think about, you receive. This is why when we focus on the negatives in our life we attract more negative life experiences, but when we focus on the good, we get more of the same. Simply, you are the creator of your life, and the Universe acts to serve you. So with this in mind, how can we better use the Law of Attraction to get more of what we want, and less of what we don’t want?

Using the Law of Attraction is a three step process: Ask, believe, receive. First, you must let the Universe know what you want – you have to ask. Think it in your mind, say it out loud, or even better write it down. Think, speak, and write in the present tense: “I am grateful that I have…”. Remember that the Law of Attraction responds to our thoughts, so be clear and as specific as possible when putting out into the Universe what you want. You don’t have to keep asking, ask once and the Universe will hear you. The second step is to believe. You have to believe that what you want is already yours, and visualise what it would feel like to have it. If you have read my previous blog post on the Law of Attraction I write about how Jim Carrey used this technique in his use of the Law of Attraction – and it really works. This step requires a lot of faith – you have to believe that the Universe is busy at work getting you what to where you want to be, and you have to know that you are on your way. Once you believe it is already yours, you are putting yourself on the same frequency as what you have asked for, and this is what will bring it to you. The final step is to receive. This is the part of the process where you have to show gratitude for what you have, and feel gratitude for what you have asked for, even if it has not physically manifested yet. This puts you in the frequency of receiving.

Although not part of the three step process of the Law of Attraction, I think another important step in the Law of Attraction is to never use negatives when asking for what you want. Instead of saying “I don’t want to get ill” say “I want to be healthy”. Why is this so important? Because the Universe is a neutral force, it does not understand negations, and as you receive what you think about, even if you are asking not to get ill you are and manifesting illness into your life by thinking about it. Therefore you must always look from an optimistic viewpoint, and perhaps if you have found that the Law of Attraction has been somewhat unsuccessful for you, this may be a huge reason why.

I hope you have found this next instalment of the Law of Attraction series useful – I try to explain it in a simple way that everyone can understand, so if you are interested I recommend doing further research online, or even better, buying the book “The Secret”. Good luck!


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