Who Are The Men In Black?

You may have heard of the movie “Men in Black” starring Will Smith, but the alleged real Men in Black are much more sinister. So who are the Men in Black? The men in Black are described as tall men dressed in black suits, appearing expressionless, emotionless and cold. What do they do? They claim to be government officials, threatening those who have witnessed UFO’s or have evidence of alien life, alongside people who are very involved in  researching UFOs and spread alien propaganda (i’m a little bit worried about writing this post). Some people even believe that the men in black are aliens themselves because of their icy persona.

Those who claim to have came into contact with the Men in Black describe how they use bullying and harassment to keep people from speaking out. The first person to report seeing the Men in Black was a man named Harold Dahl in 1947. Dahl was sailing with his son and dog when he witnessed six round shaped objects flying in the sky. One of the objects exploded and rained debris onto Dahl’s boat, which killed his dog and injured his son. Dahl claims that he did take photographs after the event as proof, documenting the debris that had fell, but said that a Man in Black had blurred the images, and warned him not to speak out about what he had seen.

A second encounter occurred in 1967, when a man named Robert Richardson claimed to have collided his vehicle into a UFO. Following the collision, the UFO vanished into thin air, and Richardson retrieved a small piece of metal he believed had came from the UFO as evidence. A short while later, he was visited by two Men in Black suits posing as secret organisation members, who requested he hand in the piece of metal. Richardson told them that the metal had already been handed in to authorities to be tested, leading to the Men in Black threatening to harm his wife if he did not return the piece of metal to them. After this encounter Richardson did not see them again.

Another encounter in 1968 actually produced photographic evidence of one of the Men in Black, which I will insert below:

This image surfaced when Jack Robinson, a UFO investigator said that he and his wife were being harassed by a man in a black suit who stood outside their apartment block. They also believed that their home had been rummaged through, and attributed it to this suspicious man. When the man had stood their for three days, a friend (Timothy Green Beckley) of the Robinson’s offered to take a photo of the man, the photo above shows a close up of the strange Man in Black. The man was never seen again after that.

There have been multiple sightings following these, but the most recent one caught the eye of media, and happened in 2008 – you may have heard of it before. Hotel manager Shane Sovar and a security guard believed they had witnessed a UFO outside the hotel. A group known as the Aerial Phenomenon Investigations Team visited the hotel shortly after to investigate the incident, and within two weeks of their visit, two unidentified Men in Black arrived at the hotel. These men asked for Shane Sovar and the security guard, frightening hotel staff and visitors, who described them as tall men in black suits, with identical faces, pale skin, and no eyebrows or eyelashes. Both Sovar and the guard were not in the hotel at the time, but were able to review the security footage that actually captured the men entering the hotel. I was unable to put the video in the post, but here is a still image taken from that very video –  even though you cannot see their features clearly and how staff and visitors described, it is certainly chilling.

What do you think about the Men in Black? Do you think they are aliens or just government officials working to keep people quiet about UFO sightings? Personally, I do not think these men are aliens, but that doesn’t make them any less frightening. I do however think their appearance is purposely altered to make them appear more intimidating and to make people think they are otherworldly to scare people. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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