Are Ghost Tours Worth it?

I have been on two ghost tours in recent years – one in London with my Father, and one in Durham with a close friend and her Mum. This type of ghost tour refers to the walk about tours, rather than the ghost tours that are located in one place, and usually involve an overnight stay in an old building. Walk about ghost tours are growing in popularity in the UK, especially in old, historic cities such as London, York, and Edinburgh.  They involve a guided tour around the city at night, stopping off at all the most notorious haunted locations, whilst the tour guide (rather animatedly) tells the story of each place.

Firstly, despite being unlikely to have any first hand experience with a ghost on a tour like this, there is still something quite atmospheric and eery about walking around a city late at night, stopping off at spooky locations. The tour guide really adds to the experience, often dressed up in Victorian clothes, and having a captivating way of story telling that draws you in. On the London tour I was on, the guide was very involved with the rest of the group, at one point coming right up to my face so that we were nose to nose (really creepy, but this is a ghost walk so you can expect the unexpected). The London tours can be quite pricey, but you really get the value for money, as we stopped off at around 20 locations, and ended the night in a haunted pub we were able to discuss the nights events with the other people on the tour, which was really lovely and a nice touch. I also appreciated that on both tours I went on, they didn’t just get straight into the ghost stories of each location, but gave its history so that you had the full context.

Ghost tours are good fun and definitely worth the money, as long as you have a realistic expectation that you are unlikely to have a paranormal experience when you are in such a large group of people, and at times surrounded by the public also. In the future I definitely want to do an overnight stay in a haunted location – although the ones I have looked at are £400 per person so it is quite a step up in price from the ghost tours I’ve been on. Of course, you don’t need to pay for a tour to explore many haunted locations, and some places you can visit for free – but I always do my own research about a place before I go if I am not going to have a guide giving me more information. Have you been on a ghost tour? What did you think?


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