Conspiracy Theory: Reptilians

The Reptilian theory states that aliens are working behind the scenes, infiltrating and controlling human society by presenting themselves in human form as world leaders, politicians and celebrities, with an agenda to take over the World. Whilst this theory had been circulating for a while and never gained much public interest, it was British conspiracy theorist and former sports broadcaster David Icke, that gave the theory its popularity, who has since then wrote numerous books exposing the alien elite amongst us. But how did these aliens get here? It is widely believed that they travelled to Earth thousands of years ago, inter-breeding with human beings, and interfering with our DNA to create humanoids that have supernatural intelligence. Since then, these aliens have taken on the roles of world leaders and selected people to put into the world’s most powerful positions, ¬†influencing all significant, historical events that have affected human society.

This theory is a branch off the conspiracy theory of the New World Order – a secret society in which 13 elite families all working to form a totalitarian government, and ultimately take over the world. The secret society is also made up of all the world’s Royal family members, politicians, and business tycoons, all of whom pull the strings and are responsible for large events that occur around the world. A recent example of this being the Trump Administration – many people who prescribe to this conspiracy theory believe that Donald Trump himself is a Reptilian, and question how a New York businessman with no political background becomes President of the United States. Famous people from Barack Obama to Justin Bieber have been accused of shape shifting into their Reptile form before our very eyes – but where is the undeniable proof? Well, recently there has been an abundance of scientific proof showing that reptiles do have biological influences on the human brain. All human beings have a Reptilian portion of their brain which controls our natural instincts for survival, and makes us behave compulsively, selfishly and territoriality. Some people are more influenced by this part of the brain than others, and appear to us as ‘sociopaths’ – with a common characteristic of a sociopath being that they take on powerful roles in society. Now moving away from the science, this scientific finding has been interpreted as early civilisations wanting to maintain this bloodline, inter-breeding and even breeding with the reptilian aliens with whom they shared commonalities with.

If this theory is completely insane, why do 12 million Americans, several million British people, and millions more around the world, believe in this theory? If we believe that their are extraterrestrial beings out there, is it so difficult to believe that they are here on Earth? Additionally, whilst many people would be quick to criticise David Icke, he has actually been right about a lot of things – the 9/11 attacks, the Sandy Hook shootings and Jimmy Savile to name a few (all of which have been linked by theorists to the Reptilian theory). Do you think this theory is plausible or a little too far fetched?





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