The Ghost Bus of Ladbroke Grove

The first sighting of the phantom number 7 bus was in the 1930’s, which was believed to haunt the roads surrounding Cambridge Gardens, Ladbroke Grove, West London. Motorists who crashed their car whilst driving around the corner of St. Mark’s Road, near the Cambridge Gardens reported swerving to avoid the mysterious red bus, before it suddenly de-materialising before their eyes. The driver also claimed that the bus had no passengers, and terrifyingly, no driver. Of course, the police accused the man of drink driving, or perhaps hallucinating/dreaming when the incident occurred, however the man’s statement was later corroborated with HUNDREDS of motorists complaining that they were forced across or off the road by a red, number 7 bus in the very same location. When a fatal accident occurred in 1934, killing a young man who, for no reason, suddenly swerved into a lamp post before his car burst into flames, an Inquest was held in which many local residents came forward to give their accounts of the phantom bus. Whats more, the accounts were identical, everyone saw a double decker bus hurtling towards them that forced their car across the road, and disappeared without a trace.

The authorities, spooked by the number of people coming forward, and claiming to have witnessed the spectre on numerous occasions, investigated further, only to find that no busses were scheduled within that area. Following the first reported incident, accidents became much more frequent, even occurring at the same time of night at 1:15am.  One eye witness working a late shift at a nearby bus stop to Cambridge Gardens, saw the phantom bus pull up to the station in the early hours of the morning, stand stationery for a few seconds, before disappearing before his eyes. Eventually the local authorities had the road straightened, reducing the amount of accidents at that junction. Since then, the Ghost bus of Landbroke Grove has not been seen, with its last sighting being in 1990 prior to the road being straightened.

Do you believe that the Ghost bus exists/existed? It is hard to discredit the hundreds of people who claim to have seen this phantom bus, but could it be nothing more than mass hysteria? Let me know what you think in the comments below!



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