Astral Projection

Astral projection describes self-induced out-of-body experiences, in which the astral/spirit body is able to separate from the physical body, to go anywhere or do anything the person desires. Whilst there is no scientific evidence to support that Astral projection actually occurs or why it occurs, there are millions of people who report experiencing out of body experiences, particularly in life threatening situations. So is it that much of a stretch to believe that one of these experiences could occur at a persons will? I am slightly biased on this topic, because whilst I have not experienced it myself, my father has had an astral experience, (although didn’t get far – he was scared and returned back to his body), and my Uncle can put himself in a trance to astral project.  But first, lets look more closely at what astral projection really is.

During astral projection, the conscious mind leaves the physical body, with many reporting that they remain attached to their body with a single, silver cord, that acts almost like an umbilical cord and keeps you tethered so that you are always able to return to your body. Once you leave your body, you enter the spirit world, aka the astral plane. Once here you can travel anywhere in the world, and normal physical laws do not apply – you can do anything you want, with many people describing experiences of flying. Some people even claim that they can meet other people they know in this plane in the astral world, but personally I am sceptical of this, because this would mean astral projecting at the same time and then being able to find each other. Whilst I don’t believe this is completely impossible, I do think it is unlikely, as astral projection is not easily achieved for most people. I do believe however, that you can meet with deceased relatives and talk with them, as many people who have experienced astral projection cite this as being one of the most profound things to occur during projection.

I think there is no right way to induce astral projection, but I do think being in a relaxed, meditative state and finding higher consciousness is helpful, alongside being open minded and free of fear. Your spirit does not want to leave your body until it has too (death), and so there is no doubt that astral projection is not easy, and takes a lot of dedication and faith to achieve. There are multiple methods on the internet,  including imagining yourself floating up out of your body slowly, or grabbing onto an imaginary rope whilst lying down and pulling yourself up. These two methods are the most written about ones I can find, so perhaps there is some truth behind them.

There is debate over whether astral projection is dangerous, with particularly the Roman Catholic faith suggesting that astral projection leaves you vulnerable to demons entering your vacant body or approaching you on the astral plane. Other people fear that if you are to travel to far from your physical body, the cord can be severed and your spirit is lost forever and unable to return to your body – as a result your physical body dies. On the other hand, some people believe that astral projection is just a higher level of dreaming, a step up from lucid dreaming, and is perfectly safe. Some also believe that the cord is unbreakable, and will always keep you tethered to your body until you die and your spirit permanently leaves your body. Do you believe in astral projection? Have you ever projected yourself?


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